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Thank you for supporting our Wisconsin family farm. Our family has farmed on the great Sauk Prairie since 1865, which is why we started Prairie Raised Beef. Our goal is to care for the land, our animals and provide high-quality beef to nourish our community.

Prairie Raised Beef - Locally raised beef, from your farmer friends in Sauk Prairie Wisconsin

We firmly believe in caring for the land, animals and community.

And Prairie Raised Beef allows us to do just that. We spend every day tending to the land we are trusted to care for and raise our animals with comfort and well-being at top of mind. We are dedicated to providing nutritious (and might we add – delicious) food to nourish our community and those well beyond.

We believe (and science shows) that beef is a nutrient-dense product that fuels our bodies. What does nutrient-dense mean? In the simplest terms, it means you get lots of nutrients into your body (think protein + other essential nutrients) with fewer calories and food needed.

We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to provide our community with high-quality beef products and we thank you for supporting our Wisconsin farm!

Prairie Raised Beef

Prairie Raised Beef FAQs

We purchase our bull calves within a week of being born from a local dairy farm we work with. Once they arrive at our farm we do a wellness check and make sure they’ve received the proper care they will need to get a healthy start. The calves are kept in a group pen where they have access to grain, water and milk as they please. Once they are weaned they move with their group to different housing around the farm. They have access to roam and we work with a nutritionist to make sure all their nutrient needs are met.

We are currently only serving the greater Sauk Prairie area, with plans to expand shipping soon. To purchase you can either place an order through our website and schedule a time for on-farm pick-up, or you can schedule a time to visit our farm to purchase in person by calling 608-370-3635.

Emily shares about the farm on her blog – visit the Farming section for all the latest! You can also follow our YouTube page which we frequently update with farming and tractor pulling content.

Of course! We love to share our favorite ways to prepare beef and hope we inspire you to try something new. Check out our recipes on the blog!