We are your farmer friends!

Here to provide you with high-quality beef and answer any questions you have about our Wisconsin farm and agriculture.

  • Farmer’s Girlfriend and direct-to-consumer mastermind
  • I love being able to be outside, care for animals and share about agriculture with people not involved
  • I love a good flank steak taco or blue cheese-crusted filet mignon!


  • Do-it-all kinda guy with a specialty in crop care
  • I like the variety of work and watching the crops grow from a tiny seed in the ground to a product that we can provide to others
  • My favorite is filet mignon with the works – mushrooms, onions and blue cheese


  • Master cattle caretaker and life of the party
  • My favorite part about farming is taking care of the animals to make sure they are healthy and strong
  • I enjoy a good burger with lots of toppings on it


  • Bossman and Mr. Fix It All
  • My favorite part of farming is being able to spend time with my family and watching the crops and livestock grow
  • I like a grilled rib eye seasoned just right – but if it’s a good steak it doesn’t need anything


  • “The Real Boss” aka master of the books and keeping us in line
  • I enjoy being able to spend time outside with family driving the countryside
  • I like tenderloin on the grill with a good side salad


  • Do-it-all kinda guy and crop caretaker
  • My favorite part of being a farmer is watching everything grow and all the work we put into the crops and animals pay off
  • My favorite cut of beef is a T-bone grilled to perfection and seasoned with some S & P